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We are all about giving back.

When we receive your donated clothing and accessories, items are sold in our VarageSale Store. We keep the first dollar of every item sold in our VarageSale Store. The rest of the money goes to charitable organizations, fundraising events, our own "Give Back" and "Pay It Forward" campaigns, our own unique Social Media Challenge and toward future projects we plan for the communites.

We are trying to do as much as we can for the communities in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)

The charitable organizations we give back to include the following: Sick Kids Hospital Building Fund, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Million Dollar Smiles, Princess Margaret Hospital, Saint Andre Bessette Let's Build A Church Campaign, Speaking Of Dogs, and AdoptAPet.com

Fundraising events include car shows, community barbeques, and weekend festivals in and around Toronto and the greater Toronto Area (GTA, GTHA) 

You will be happy to know that the items you donate to us are not sent overseas, like many other clothing donation companies. We operate from home. We can do a lot more and the best feeling is doing what you can for everyone. This concept, we are all doing our part and it's easy for people to get involved and we are also helping reducing landfill by reusing things... Simple.

Our "News & Events" section will show you articles and videos of other companies and what happens to the items you think were being "donated" We want to ensure you we are going above and beyond everyone else... we always will.

As we continue to grow, students who need to put in hours for high school graduation will be able to help out by sending out flyers, posting items and being part of the experience.

Thanks everyone!

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We have two Buy and Sell Websites you can sell your items on.

VarageSale is completely free. No credit card is needed. Choose the communities near you, that you will do transactions in. Sign up here VarageSale.com

Poshmark is free to post as many items as you wish. You only get charged a small fee, after the transaction is complete, the buyer receives their item. The payment goes directly into your account. There are no upfront costs. Sign up for Poshmark here Poshmark.ca Use my Invite Code: CARLO_GON For a special reward for joining through me.

We are the Administrator and Moderator for the Brampton and Thornhill VarageSale Communities with a membership of appoximately 30,000 people and growing.

We are a Poshmark Ambassador with almost 100,000 Followers and growing.

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    We only keep the first dollar of each donated item sold.  The rest of the money goes toward a charitable organization and/or fundraising event in Toronto, The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).

    People who donate their items can specify which charitable organization they want their sold items to go to. It can be any of the ones on our list, or something which is near and dear to them.

    Here's our list of some of the charitable organizations we are sponsoring in 2020:

    Sick Kids Hospital Building Fund

    Holland Bloorview Children's Rehabilitation Centre

    Million Dollar Smiles

    Ronald McDonald House

    Princess Margaret Hospital

    Mackenzie Hospital Building Fund

    Saint Andre Bessette Let's Build A Church Building Fund

    Speaking Of Dogs

    Dogs Without Boarders

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    Not only are we going to continue to give to charitable organizations and fundraising events, we are also going to support as many community festivals and projects, help people who are in an emergency or crisis situation and need funds to get themselves back on their feet... and other surprises, to be revealed at a later time, throughout the year!  

We'd love to tell you more

If you are a business owner who can give gift cards or new merchandise we can give to individuals or families, we need your help.  You will be acknowledged on our web pages and all our social media sites as well.  People who have a skill and can volunteer an hour or more of your time, please let me know of what skill(s) you have and what area(s) you would be willing to travel in to help people out.  Last, anyone who has clothing and / or accessories they no longer use.

We will accept anything you have!  New or used... It doesn't matter!  We keep the first dollar of every item sold.  The rest of the money goes to support everything around us.  It's better than having these ending up in the landfill, sent overseas, or shredded and used as rags.  

We keep finding ways to have everyone involved.  It's about GIVING BACK!  Together, we are ALL MAKING A DIFFERENCE!   

Thanks everyone for an amazing 2019.  The New Year brings new beginnings and changes for the better for everyone.

Carlo Gon


Questions? Feedback? We want to hear from you!

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