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SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More is an online thrift store. We don not consign items.
We sell new and gently used clothing and accessories, housewares and hardware, toys and games, books and magazines, bikes and scooters, furniture and other items as they become available. Items are found in both our Poshmark Canada and VarageSale stores. We keep the first dollar of each donated item sold in our VarageSale Store. We are always looking for donations of new and gently used clothing and accessories.

Cleaning and Decluttering The Closets In Your Home At Least Every Season
Did you know? At SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More we are always accepting YOUR clothing and accessories?

We NEVER solicit, or ask for money for any of the registered charitable organizations, fundraising events, Give Back and Pay It Forward Campaigns, and Social Media Challenges.

Instead, we ask for clothing and accessories. 

Women's and children's fall and winter accesories are always gladly accepted. We accept spring and summer items as well.

Honestly... We sell the items! However, we only keep the first $1  The rest of the money from the item sold gets divided to the following charitable organizations... Sick Kids Hospital Building Fund, Holland Bloorview Children's Rehabilitation Centre, Million Dollar Smiles, Ronald McDonald House, Princess Margaret Hospital, Mackenzie Hospital Building Fund, Saint Andre Bessette Let's Build A Church Building Fund, Speaking Of Dogs and Dogs Without Boarders. We also use the money for the following events we have throughout the year... "Pay It Forward" and "Give Back" campaigns, "Challenges" on Social Media, and other projects we have throughout the year.

Result: Everyone wins with what we do.

Why: The items we receive to you does not end up in the landfill, or overseas. We will have a blog with what other organizations do with merchandise people bring to them... OR what it does for their organizations. Also, the items we revice from you goes back to the people. It's being reused. You are helping someone who's been looking for an item, or who can't afford a particular item, so they have it for less money through us. The impact reusing has on the environment is huge!

A media section will be added to show you what happens when you send your "donated" merchandise to some big name places or destinations.

DON'T THROW IT AWAY! Phone 416-818-3974 to arrange an appointment to get your unwanted items to us.

Your donations will help out the community in so many ways. Everyone wins with your generosity. Also, it is great for the environment too.


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