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Teddy Bear Jackets and Coats... Everyone wants one. They are so popular and super comfortable
February 27, 2019 at 7:00 PM
by SECOND CHANCE<br>Clothing and More

You see people wearing these teddy bear jackets and coats everywhere. Whether you are at Starbucks, on the subway, walking the streets of Downtown Toronto, or at a shopping centre... You know you want one too.  

We have a few of these left. People are pairing them with leggings, UGGS, and a loose sweater. The style is comfortable and soft and cozy. You can't get better than this... OR can you?

This syle is repeating itsellf. It was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s Would you believe I was able to get some vintage teddy bear jackets (sherpa or poodle knit) jackets and coats.

Beige is in huge demand. We also have black, brown, army green and a couple of white ones too. They are going to go fast!

You also know we accept donations. I encourage everyone who reads this, to never throw away what you have. Instead, donate these to us, as well as anything else you have.

What we do... We will sell the items you donate to us. We keep the first dollar of every item sold, that's it! The rest of the money will go to a charitable organization, fundraising event and also our "GIVE BACK" campaigns... Everyone wins.

Phone 416-818-3974 We accept donations of clothing and accessories. Every item helps! Thank you

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