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About our online stores and our objectives

SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More is not a retail outlet.  We are a home based business.  Our customers are not just local, we have people all over the world so we have different online stores which make it easy for everyone to find the items at the price they are looking for.  

The less expensive items will be found in our VarageSale store.  You will be happy to know the majority of the items sold here are donated to us.  We keep the first dollar of each item sold here.  The rest of the money from each item sold goes to a charitable organization and / or fundraising event in and around the community.  Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) The Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA)

Items at a higher price are sold in our letgo online store.  These items are available for pickup and meet ups. Clothing and accessories can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States for a flat rate shipping fee of $20 and can be combined with eBay and VarageSale items as well. 

The most sought out brands and 99 cent auction items will be available in our eBay store.  

Shipping is included in our fixed price items.  A fixed shipping rate is applied to our auction items.  All merchandise in our eBay store is available to people in Canada, United States.  Also, United Kingdom for fixed price merchandise.  

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We will select an individual, couple, or family in need of help of any kind and provide them with gift cards and other things to help the ones in our community needing assistance in any way.  This can be anywhere in the GTA, Toronto and the GTHA and will be eventually servicing all of Ontario and countries in crisis because of natural disasters and other things.

We will be happy to pick up any clothing and accessories if you are located anywhere in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)  Our location is also provided below.  Our drop off location is a residential area.  PLEASE make sure items are in bags or boxes or totes.  We have security cameras.  You can leave your items on the side of the house or on the porch.

Did you know?  At SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More we are always accepting fall and winter clothing and accessories?

Did you know?  At SECOND CHANCE Clothing and More we are always accepting fall and winter clothing and accessories?

We do not ask for money to do our fundraising events or give back to charitable organizations.  

Instead, we ask for clothing and accessories.  

We sell the items.  90% of the money will go to the following charitable organizations... Sick Kids Hospital Building Fund, Holland Bloorview Children's Rehabilitation Centre, Million Dollar Smiles, Ronald McDonald House.  Also, the following fundraising events... Mackenzie Health Building Fund, St. Andre Bessette Building Fund, and our own fundraising initiative.

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Questions? Feedback? We want to hear from you!

Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.